It's a boy!

Monday, November 17, 2014

This had to be documented. 

On this day, within the span of thirty minutes, he was called a boy twice. TWICE! (I'll ignore the fact that everyone there already knows us.) 

*Clap! Clap! Clap!* 

Why I'm Already Afraid of the Middle School Years (Volume i)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

If anyone has seen my sweet little bunny-loving three year old, would ya let me know? 

I mean, yes, I know she's quietly tucked into that cute little white toddler bed in the room next door. But sometimes, I swear an evil twin has replaced this girl, and her sole mission is to see how far she can push me before I give in to her demands, and sit in the bathroom for ten minutes with an Us Weekly because seeing pictures of celebrities pumping their own gas kinda makes everything okay again. (Joking. I've mostly broken myself from that celebrity gossip habit. You're more likely find me eating chocolate chips in the bathroom. Ones that I've dug up from the pantry because ughhhh we gave up candy.) 

I'm calling this list: Why I'm Already Afraid of the Middle School Years (Volume l)

1. Her hair is a daily battle. "Are you putting it up or down?!" Oh, and there's also the "updown." Then there's braids. "I don't want two braids. I want THREE braids because I'm THREE years old." Guys...I don't even know how to make that look good. 

2. Shoes. That's all I'm going to say (or not say) about that. 

3. Oh, this a big one. Imagine asking a tween to come down and do the dishes before calling their friends. ( that still a thing? Tweens: ARE YOU CALLING YOUR FRIENDS? On the phone?! Do you just text? Do you even HAVE a phone...I sure didn't at that age. Also: Why are you reading this blog?? Don't you have your mother's Us Weekly to steal and read behind her back?) Okay, back to the dishes. Now imagine them saying, "Ugh...Mmmmmmommmm!" She does that!! Already! "'s time to do your hair!" "Ugh...Mmmmmmommmm!" 

Now, let me also include another list.

I'm calling it: Why I Know We're Gonna Make it Through Middle School (Volume l) 

1. Every night, she makes us tell her that we're best friends. I consider this a verbal agreement and legally binding. 

2. She's also told us she doesn't want to go college (sorry...not an option) because she doesn't want to live away from us. This makes me think that maybe she does really like us.

3. And the main reason...she's assured us that she's not going to grow big. Older, yes. But not bigger. I figure if I have a height advantage, she'll respect me more when she's 12. 

A whole lot of nothing.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Well. The holiday season is creeping up on us, which of course means things are getting busier and busier. My wonderful in-laws visited us this week, and I tell ya...they couldn't have come at a better time. The leaves were just peaking here (yay!) the temperatures are finally deciding to stay cold (not just tease us) and truth be told....mama really needed to sleep in. 

I mean. Daylight Savings....did you realllllly have to show up again? I mean, really. Spring forward, fall back, yada yada yada. My kids couldn't care less. This is the first round of 'savings that I wasn't sure we were going to make it. My kids already have a history of waking up early....especially the cute guy on the right. I swear, I've said it a thousand times...he's lucky he's has those adorable brown eyes. No one else could get me up as early and still make me love him. He likes to crawl into our bed and leave me with about an inch of space to stretch out. Always generous, that one. 

But...I'm almost afraid to say it...(knock on wood, knock on alllllll the wood) I think we may be finally coming into the clear. They've slept in (and by in, I mean 7) for two days in a row, and it's amazing how much better we all feel. 

In other news...things are getting busier at Casa Jones, and not just because of the holidays. Busy is good, but busy is still something I'm still trying to get used to. Well...the "being-accountable-to-someone-else" kind of busy, anyway. My goal is to learn how to juggle it all, and still be able to step back and enjoy the little moments with my family. Lofty goal, right?! Anyone else have it all figured out? I'm all ears. I'm already terrified of missing anything in my kids lives as it is. 

I'd also like to focus more on my writing. I've never fancied myself as a writer...but, who knows. Maybe someday down the road I may actually write something a little worthwhile. I've gotten to a fun little point where writing is less a chore, and more a thing I actually crave. It's nice. 

A whole lot of nothing. A whole lot of far-away-from-something-worthwhile. 

But present. For this second, anyway. 

An honest question about gas.

Monday, November 3, 2014

At dinner tonight.

S: (stands up on chair) Woah. Did I just pass gas?

Me: Um....I don't know. Did you?

S: (giggles) YEAH! I think I did! (More giggling.) Excuuuuuuse me! 

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