Grammy and Poppy are in Town...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

...which means I can go to the bathroom without this little guy watching me. (Sidenote: I'm trying to teach S that it's not polite to just stand there in front of me when I'm trying to have a moment in the bathroom. "But mama. I just wanna watch!") I even took a shower during the day today. It was fantastic. And. AND! I went to the grocery store alone! I carried a little shopping basket...because I could. I didn't have to maneuver a huge shopping cart with a race car attached to it. It was niiice. 

Today we took them to the beach. There's only so much you can do when it's a billion degrees outside with a trillion percent humidity. The water felt perfect and we had a great morning together. Last year, S didn't even like getting into the water until her Poppy was able to convince her to. Now, she loves to splash and play in it, and J enjoys it as well. Poppy and Grammy can get my kids to do (almost) anything. We're really milking it while they're here. "S, Poppy really wants you to eat your dinner!" "Grammy wants you to go to the bathroom before we leave!"

No fun. They are having zero fun.

Grandparents are the best. 

We might try to grandnap them.

Much ado about Mickey

Friday, June 13, 2014

Once upon a time, as in yesterday, we went to Barnes and Noble because it was pouring outside and it's one of our rainy day hangouts. As soon as we got there, we went to the bathroom because little man had pooped. (We returned to the same bathroom an hour later because it wouldn't be a regular day for him without pooping at least three times before lunchtime.) Five minutes before we left, he became extremely attached to a flimsy Mickey Mouse book that I knew wouldn't make it a day at our house. Now, J is very adamant about letting you know what he wants, and he yelled "Mi-mou! Mi-mou!" in the store, and flung himself to the ground. I had at least three or four parents look at me like, "Soo...are you going to do anything?" I was perfectly fine letting him scream on the floor, but I figured it was time to get going anyway. So, yes, he screamed for the next forty minutes. He has never had a tantrum like that.

When we got home, he immediately found a good place to continue his tantrum, and set up base by the garage door. Nice form, don't you think?

Then he realized the the kicking and screaming wasn't enough, so he thought he'd eat his shoe.

As it turns out, tantrum-ing really takes it out of ya.

And he napped happily ever after.

p.s: In completely unrelated (but extremely important) news, I've received word that Mindy Kaling will be coming out with a second book. I'm very excited about this. Mindy! I'm here! Have you found me yet?

A break from the silence

Hi! Things have been quieter on the blog front recently, and I don't really have much of an excuse. I feel like it's totally normal to go through waves of being really good at blogging, and then feeling like you need to just take a step back. Since it's my party, and I can cry if I want to....or something like that...I keep reminding myself that no one is forcing me to write every single thing down. Well, no one other than the little voice in my head that keeps telling me that I'm not recording some boringly-awesome stuff. Because that's what this place is. A place where I can write about my un-glamourous life and the mundane-ly wonderful little things. (I'm just making up words a lot tonight, but what else is new?)

So, I guess if I have an excuse it would be these two little monkeys. We still stay busy, and the tan lines on J's feet would show you that we try to go outside as often as we can before it gets so hot that all you want to do is lay on the floor and not.move.a.muscle. The strep throat monster went through our family (C narrowly missed it) which was not fun, but explained why S was a total terror for two days straight. For a second I thought, "Oh, crap. THESE are the terrible twos!" 

Anyway. I have a bunch of drafts on the assembly line, lots of pictures to share, and then there's that darn Euro trip that I'll never finish blogging about. My goal is to be done with posts of that trip before our next big trip at the end of the year. (We're tentatively planning on going to El Salvador with my family, which I'm incredibly excited about. I've been dreaming of taking my kids there since before S was born.) 

So, if things are jumpy and whatnot for the next little bit, I apologize. 

Oh, wait. That's how things are over here anyway.

*Sidenote. I took this picture today as we were leaving the park. S quite often tries to hold Pato's hand when we're walking from one place to the next, and I couldn't help but have a sudden rush of joy as we just walked back to the car. I am lucky to have them, and I know it. And as if she could read my thoughts and wanted to absolutely make my heart explode, S turned to Pato and said, "Mommy and Sofi and Pato are best friends. Yup. We're best friends." 

She says

Monday, June 2, 2014

On the drive home from picking C up from work: While listening to a selection from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite (her current favorite song listened to repeatedly on every car ride we take these days):

S: "I love this song. First, starts soft." [Then, later, as the tempo and volume increased]: "Listen, guys!! It's cwuh-shendow-ing! It gets louder!"

Tonight, at the dinner table:

S [rubbing her finger on her dad's upper lip hair]: "What's that, daddy?"

C: "That's my mustache."
S: "Your mustache? Do I have one?"
C: "No, S. I don't think you want one."
S: "Yes, I do!" [and then, thinking contemplatively with her finger tapping on her mouth] "I just go to the store and buy one, I think."

Later, as we read stories together in bed, SofĂ­a passed gas, quite loudly.

C: "Did you just go poop?"
S [grinning from ear to ear]: "Nooo. I just passed veeeeery loud gas." [followed by uncontrollable giggles]

Picnic in the park 'bout that blogging every day in May thing? Bam. Nailed it. Not.

I blame it on weekend trips, a bug that went through every member of our family, very few full nights of sleep, and a two-year-old who decided to unleash her inner demon. I have a camera roll full of pictures on my phone, however, so I'll break things down in smaller posts. 

These are from a couple of weeks ago. We are soaking up all our CW time before it gets too hot. Lunch, a blanket and friends make for a perfect afternoon. That, and making my kids play "Run Really Far" to wear them out before naps.

It's a normal parent thing, I think, to often have the feeling that there are way better parents out there than you, and you hope that your kids don't end up scarred. I'm not the craftiest (or even close to second-from-the-craftiest) I'm not the most patient, and I don't know how many times I've let my kids watch Frozen. I'm not hating on Frozen! I do like Frozen. And watching S run around the house singing, "Let it goooo..." with Pato trailing behind yelling, "go goooo!" Gets me every time. Anyway. Then there are times my kids let out big belly laughs and just look so happy that I think, "Okay. I'm not the worst."

And a couple shots of Williamsburg. I never tire of taking pictures of the same buildings. They look different every day.


Sometimes I wonder why we even buy our kids toys. All they need are sprinklers in the yard and some bubbles. And running around in just their diapers and "underwears." 

Also- can you guess which kid is the owner of those legs? Hard to tell, no? 

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