Everything I know About Leprechauns I Learned from my Four Year Old

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I could have also titled this post: How to Give Your Sensitive Three-Old-Nightmares

They take everything that's gold because they LOVE gold. And if I'm not careful, they'll snatch my necklace right off my neck! 

Leprechauns come to your school or to your house (or anywhere that people live) in the middle of the night.

But, sometimes they come in the day. Or in the after noon. That's the only times they come. 

They are verrry quiet and verrry sneaky!

They're so teeny tiny. As tiny as a teeny tiny ladybug. He can even squeeze under doors.

Another thing is they they are mean and grouchy. 

They are absolutely real because her teacher's have seen them. They live in Philadelphia, and ALL over the world.

Leprechauns wear hats that are yellow, black and brown, and they have brown beards that look like Daddy's. 

And that's all there is to know about leprechauns. 

How gorgeous is the silhouette print behind S? Essie, from A Family Print Shop took a picture right from my Instagram and turned it into this print, and I totally gasped when I opened it. I think I even said out loud, "That looks just like Sof!" She also does wood silhouette plaques that I'm totally eyeing as well. Thanks so much, Essie. Whenever I look at it, I'll be reminded of her and her little ballet class. Don't you wish you could hang on to those moments forever?

Ten Things I'm Loving About S Right Now

Friday, March 4, 2016

1. How she doesn't set her expectations of me too high. Earlier, she asked me to grab her a glass of water. Five minutes later, she asked me again, and I told her, "I already did, love. It's right there on the table next to you." She then responded with, "You did? Oh! I'm so surprised!" 

2. How she always reminds us to say our prayers at meal time. She will absolutely not let us forget!

3. Her bangs. And her hair. I wish I could just put her hair on my head.

4. How empathetic she is. She totally gets that from C.

5. Her sense of style. And by style, I mean how she wants to wear the same sparkly tutu with everything all the time. Doesn't matter if it's with pants, pajamas, a dress, naked, whatever.

6. Her curiosity. MOST of the time it's great. Sometimes, it's not. But, I'm just gonna put it on here and maybe it'll help me trick myself into thinking that the million questions she asks per day are endearing. 

7. The songs she makes up. She often will just start singing her words instead of speaking them, and I'm starting to wonder if she'll be one of those drama-kids in high school. 

8. Her cute bum. It is SO cute! And she knows it.

9. That she loves to help me cook. We have so much fun in the kitchen together.

10. When I catch her in just the right mood, and she will cuddle right up next to me and tell me that she's my girl.

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