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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

This is what we have all looked like at some point for half of January and the beginning of February. 

We can't seem to catch a break!

Hopefully we are all getting our sicknesses out of our system and will have a super healthy rest of the year...fingers crossed??

Tea for Three at the Grand American

A couple months ago, Chris took Pato to Dallas for a couple days, which meant I was left with one little girl who was a little sad about being left behind. "I'm jealous, Mom," she said. Instead of telling her all the reasons why she shouldn't be or asking her to just try to be happy for her brother, I let her just feel sad and jealous. I am always grateful when my kids can tell me how they feel, and also when they can recognize their feelings.

Anyhow, I did want to ease things a bit by planning some fun things to do while the boys were gone. Because, hello! I can be a cool mom, right?! Well, it all worked out perfectly because Sof ended up not having school on the Friday they were gone, so I decided we would try something I've been dying to take Sof to for forever: Afternoon Tea at the Grand American Hotel. So, I took her and her little bestie for an afternoon of girls time.

Their excitement began the second we pulled up to the hotel (free valet voucher with Afternoon Tea!) and our their doors were opened by the friendliest valets. I'm pretty sure they felt like royalty when the doorman held open the hotel doors for them and welcomed us to the hotel. The girls gave each other a look and immediately I knew it was going to be a memorable afternoon.

I knew they would have a good time, but honestly had no idea just how much they would love it. The whole entire time, their faces would like up with excitement and more treats would come out. "Are those for us?!" 

Once we were stuffed with sandwiches, scones, and more treats, we took a little walk around the hotel to check out the beautiful window displays.

It was seriously the best afternoon together, and I think I had just as much fun as they did. 

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