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Saturday, April 4, 2015

My latest post at What to Expect is up, and I talk about how this little man's sense of humor has gotten us into trouble recently!

You can find the article HERE!

Also. I may or may not be to blame for my kids' dumb sense of humor. 

She Says: I don't want to smile.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

S: Mom. Will you take a picture of me in front of my books?
Me: Sure! But, aren't you going to smile?
S: No. I don't want to smile. Take a picture of me just standing here like this. 

I love this weird kid. Wouldn't want her any other way. 

Sketches by S

About a month ago, we had the grand idea to buy S her very own sketch pad. Most mornings, she wakes up and wants to color. I started feeling bad about all the paper we were going through (sorry, trees!)  and thought this was a good way to focus her drawings more. I've been really impressed by the things she's been drawing and especially proud because I don't have a single artistic bone in my body! I've always wished I could draw or paint, but what I visualize in my head never seems to translate well onto paper. C, on the other hand, is a great artist (though he won't admit it) so I'm really glad that she seems to be following in his footsteps. 

You know what I love most about her artistic side? I love that it's something that SHE loves to do. It is something she decided she could get the hang of, and not something I forced her into. I love the surprising parts of parenting that are like this. Seeing your children develop interests of their own. That's just a really cool thing, you know? Sometimes as she walks by me, humming to herself, with an idea in mind of what she's going to do next, I find myself thinking, "Holy cow! That's a real-life small person right there!" With real-life likes and dislikes! Likes French fries, but doesn't like potatoes. Likes to pretend, but dislikes dressing-up. Likes (loves) seaweed, but doesn't like grapes. Likes to help me cook but dislikes (hates) the vacuum. 

Now, hopefully she can get on board with field hockey. Because, yeah yeah yeah, I want her to have her own interests. But, field hockey is non-negotiable. 

We just made some crumbs for you!

<<Insert chirping crickets here.>>

Between sicknesses and traveling and dance parties and tantrum-ing, things have been pretty busy around here. And things don't really look like they will slow down any time soon. 

Which means that every spare second I have, you can find my not folding laundry, ha! Seriously. How does that work? Over the past two days I feel like I've folded and put away so much but the pile looks just as big. If anyone is looking for a gift for me, a laundry fairy would MAKE my day!

But, really. I miss my *semi* regular posting for the main fact that I know I'm not recording a lot of the good stuff. The boring, mundane, and un-glamorous things that I am so lucky to call mine. 

So to start off this April....a little bit from today: 

After finishing their post-nap sack, S excitedly ran to me and yelled, "Mommy! We just made some crumbs for you! So you can clean them up!"

I mean. How did she KNOW that's exactly what I wanted! Haha. 

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