Mama: spends most of the day baby wrangling, taking more pictures of her kids than she should, and tries to sneak in some writing when not dreaming of sweets. Fancies herself as being the funnier spouse ;) Currently learning how to take care of mama, too.

Dada (C): Finally completed his PhD and is a newly minted Docter. Does not insist on us calling him "Dr. Jones" all day. History is his thing. Is the star of the show every night when he gets home with his song writing capabilities. Currently learning how to balance it all and improve his already amazing grilling skills.

S: has questions about everything, makes up songs as she goes along, and is always keeping us on our toes. Skips when she's happy. Already has better art skills than her mom. Has the tenderest of hearts. Currently learning how to perfect her balance-bike riding skills and finding her "inside" voice.

Pato (J): hasn't minded yet being called a girl every time we go out because girls are cool! Is a rhymer-extraordinaire. Favorite color is blue, light blue to be exact. He can count to 100 if you ask him, but be prepared to listen intently the entire time. Currently learning how to shut a door without waking up the entire house.

O: The.Cutest.Thing. Has inherited his dad's gift of gab. Said Dada once. Currently learning how to sleep without pulling his pacifier out of his mouth every ten seconds.


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