Hall of Breakfast!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What do you get when you mix up a really really really cool pop-up exhibit with the most important meal of the day? The Hall of Breakfast!!! Last week, we were invited to visit the Hall of Breakfast right in downtown Salt Lake, and we had THE best time!!! If you are anywhere near and can snag tickets before they're gone and they pack up, I'd recommend it in a heartbeat!

Pretty much this letter board is Pato's life motto. NO one loves breakfast as much as Pato! He would eat it for every meal and waffles make his world go round.

There are different rooms that each have a special theme. Right away, we were sold on this room. I mean, who doesn't love bacon? 

Did someone say bacon slide? I was laughing because Oscar kept running around the room yelling, "Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!"

Fact: out of all my kids, this girl reigns as bacon queen. She's always stealing daddy's extra bacon.

One of the biggest and most important breakfast questions: waffles or pancakes? I'll admit that I'm a total flip flopper in this department! Chris was on team pancakes, and the kids were on team waffles. Well, actually, Oscar was on team "run everywhere." 

One of my favorite rooms was the cereal one! Any excuse to throw around confetti :)

"Hey! Anyone want a cookie?" Um, you should have seen how fast my kids came running!

Did you know Chris could stick an egg on anything and eat it? Well, maybe not ANYTHING, but he's taught me that adding a good fried egg to a lot of stuff just takes things to a whole other level!

Jones boys.

And these doughnut swings? Trying to figure out how to get one of these installed in my house. 

Seriously, that smile? Killing me! 

The kids could have spent the next thirty seven hours playing in there!! Kid (and adult) heaven for sure. 

Hoping we can sneak in one more time before it heads out of town! Thanks for having us, Hall of Breakfast! Get your tickets HERE.

when you mom's a turd

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sometimes your mom is a turd.

And she sends you to your room because you have a lot of feelings, and sometimes those feelings are hard to put into words. So you get upset about what's for breakfast or stomp your feet or cry or you say you don't like something even though you do. And sometimes mom is counting to ten a million times over in her head and taking deep breath after deep breath because the only thing bigger than the pile of laundry in the house is the pile of feelings. And mom wants everyone to feel all the feelings because she knows that's best. But sometimes, she makes you take your pile to your room.

And then mom puts the baby down for a nap and sits in silence because she wishes she could do it all. So she goes to your room to apologize and ask for a hug. She thinks you're in your room reading, but then finds you asleep in your bed.

And she remembers that you woke up early, and it's hard to talk about how you feel when you're tired.

And she remembers that sometimes it's hard to get a word in when you have a baby brother that likes to yell and a big sister that has her own big feelings.

And she remembers that you're only five years old.

And she remembers that you're doing the best you can.

And she remembers that she's doing the best she can, too. Which means she'll act like a turd, but then she'll say sorry and try again.

a simple birth day gift

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"Happy birthday!! Are you two?!"

By about the fifth time we had said, "Happy Birthday" I think he knew something special was going on.  "Bir-day!"

But, if we asked, "Is it your birthday?" He would respond with, "No!" "Are you two??" "Two? No...."

A few days before, I ordered a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. That morning I picked up red and white balloons. And my mom took the older two kids out to pick up a gift for him while I got the chance to have a few hours with just the birthday boy.

We played (even though he asked for Sheh-sheh and Paw-po the whole time) and watched his favorite favorite show-- The Wiggles. And he let me hold him as watched. The best part was when he started falling asleep in my arms, and I remember thinking, "This is the best birth day present and its not even my birthday." So, I quickly grabbed my phone to take this shot before I took him down to bed. It ended up being the best part of the day because it reminded me of those early days when he needed me for so much and spent so many hours in my arms. It reminded me that no matter how old he is, I will always be a place for him to land.

teaching my daughter and sons to celebrate women

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Last week, the kids sat down and painted these pictures of women they look up to. Sof chose Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt, and Pato chose Wilma Rudolph. A while ago, we purchased these We Brave Women flashcards, created by the talented Ashmae Hoiland, and they have been an amazing tool to teach the kids about some truly remarkable women-- many I didn't even know of myself. The women on these cards come from such a wide background-- there are activists, world leaders, athletes, writers, artists, scientists--women that have paved a path for my own daughter. 

If you told Sof that there was something she couldn't do because she's a girl, she'd look at you like you were crazy. Really and truly, I think that she thinks that there is nothing she can't do.  And just as amazing, her brother feels the same way. That both my daughter and sons know that girls can do anything is incredibly important to me.

Now, I know some people say, "Well, what about the boys?" And listen, I am on that team, too! I worry just as much about my sons. I hate that society will try to tell them what a "real man" is supposed to look or act like. What strong is supposed to look like. What feelings they're allowed to show or not show. But, I'm willing to wager that a boy or a man who supports girls and women and sees them as equals and knows they're capable and strong and smart as them are going to do just fine.

I feel like sometimes I get looks like "Oh, wow...you've talked to your kids about that?" Those looks are never mean, never negative. Just more of shock I think? We are pretty open with our kids about wide variety of topics, and it works for us. I'm not saying everyone should take the same approach as us-- I'm all for parents just doing what's best for their own children. And, we've approached this topic the same simple way. 

Hey, kids. Guess what? Did you know that not too long ago, in our country, women couldn't do a lot of things? 

What do you mean?

Important things! Like vote. Or own land. Or have certain jobs. Even today-- sometimes they have harder times getting jobs. Or getting paid the same amount. They sometimes get treated differently. Not always in nice ways. And did you know in some places, girls can't go to school? 

And then we talk about kindness, and respect, and go back and talk about women and their contributions. 

Want to know how many times my son has turned things around and felt sad or left out when we highlight women?

Zero. Not one time.

Because celebrating women and their achievements is not about putting down men. He's five years old, and he can recognize that already. Instead, he celebrates them right along with us. And this is one reason out of many that I look forward to seeing the man he grows up to be.

**We Brave Women flashcards can be purchased HERE.**

almost two

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I simply cannot believe that this little guy will be two next month. I feel like he gets into so much trouble, I'm constantly cleaning up after his messes, and the only time the house is normal-level loud is when he's asleep.

By the time Oscar came around, I used to think I knew pretty much everything I needed to know about raising toddlers. I mean, I had two kids twelve months apart! How hard could one toddler be?! I got this!

It's funny that people who have known our older kids for a while and now know Oscar often will comment on how different he is than my big kids. He is certainly louder, more active, and way more crazy than the other two. I feel like I've thrown so many "rules" out the window! But, I do know he was exactly what our family needed. He was exactly what I needed. 

I mean, I don't need so much all the food on the floor he always leaves behind...but you win some you lose some. 

ten things I love about you: pato

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Last weekend, I took Pato out for a special valentines date. He had decided he wanted to go on a dessert date, which pretty means show you that my kid knows me very well-- I'm all about the desserts.

"We can go anywhere you want!" I said. I named a bunch of places that I (selfishly) thought we (I) would want to go to, and he responded with, "I know! DUNKIN DONUTS!"


I did my best to do that "I'm smiling real big but I hate that" face and was like, "YOU GOT IT BUDDY!" So, we went to Dunkin Donuts. After seeing that I wasn't going to eat a donut, he took mercy on my soul and we went out for the SECOND part of our date for some dessert pizza. Phew. Crisis averted.

But, even though my boy has a love for doughnuts that I can't quite match, I would do anything or go anywhere for my Pato. I have been falling in love with him over and over since the day he was born. And since I know one day he will be totally grossed out by my outward proclamations of love, I am squeezing in as much as I can before that day comes.

So, here you go.

Ten things I am loving about my pato today. Right now.

He is a cuddler extraordinaire. He is always down to cuddle and gosh I love it so much. Especially when he says, "Mama, can I cuddle with you??

He is so bright and loves to learn! I love catching him reading to himself.

I love this Star Wars phase that we're in. You could ask about  *any* character, major or minor, and he can probably name it for you.

When I pick him up from school, he runs right into my arms. It's one of the highlights of my day.

I love his sensitive heart.

He's a great big brother to Oscar, and when they're not fighting, a wonderful younger brother to Sof.

His dance moves. They.are.so.great. He just goes with it!

I love the way he checks out his hair in the mornings. He will always remind us to brush it before we go anywhere, and he likes it done just right.

That wonky-tooth smile is giving me a million heart-eyes over here.

Lastly, one thing I love about Pato is that he is so easy to love. He makes me feel like I'm doing okay at this mothering job. He truly doesn't ask for much more than just to be loved.

To the moon and back, P. xoxo

10 Reasons Every Parent Should Go to Disneyland Without Kids (Even Once!)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to go to Disneyland with some of my fellow mama friends, and truth be told, I wasn't so sure what to expect! The weeks before the trip, I kept debating whether I would even tell my kids where I was heading (I could just say "California," right??) but keeping it from them just didn't sit well with me because I knew they'd find out eventually. So, I sat them down and told them, expecting some wailing and maybe a few tears. To my utter surprise, my big kids were both champs, and the promise of souvenirs helped soften the blow :) 

Disneyland is a place that I've loved ever since I was little. I always remembered my dad would enjoy taking my family here, and I think it was because he could see how happy it made me and my brothers. There is something really magical about seeing things through your kids' eyes. Being a parent, I totally get that now. With that said, I've never been to Disneyland with just a group of friends, and before we left, I thought, "Will it really be as much fun as when I was a kid?" And the answer is yes! A million times yes. 

So, I've compiled a list of ten reasons why every parent should try Disneyland without kids!

1. How cute are those balloons? How cute are the collectable pins? How cute is every dang thing there?! Well, when you don't have the kids with you, let's just say it's a whole lot easier to walk past the gift shops!

2. (Most of the time) your friends won't be (too) embarrassed to take pictures with you ;) After the second picture with my kids, it's basically like standing next to a group of monkeys hopped up on candy. 

3. You can choose which characters you really want to see, and don't have to worry about hunting anyone down. I actually was pleasantly surprised at how sweet the characters were with both kids and adults alike. I'll also add that one of my children is super afraid of "characters" so it was also really nice not having to be constantly vigilant and ducking every time one came into sight! 

4. THE FOOD! I could eat anything I wanted and didn't have to worry about someone grabbing it out of my hand or licking it and basically claiming it for themselves.

5. There was something super liberating about not having to carry around a bunch of stuff around for my kids. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I turn into a human garbage can slash "dumping ground" for stuff when we're out with our kids. I just had my small back pack of things and hopped in and out of the rides easily. And better yet, no worries about pushing around a stroller!

6. Waiting in line was a breeze! We were pretty lucky because we didn't have to wait in a ton of lines,  (thank you fast passes!) and none that were super long. But, any time we did it didn't feel long because we would just chat that time away. I'll admit that the waiting in lines with my kids part of Disney is what makes me most anxious. 

7. You can go on any ride you want! Last time we went to Disney, I don't know that we even made it onto Space Mountain because we were too busy going on all the little kid rides (not saying those aren't fun--I love It's a Small World about as much as I love any other ride).

8. Two words: bathroom breaks. No getting out of the line two minutes before you're about to hop on a ride because someone can't hold it another minute and is doing the potty dance in front of you and everyone else in line!

9. You can go as early as you'd like and stay as late you'd like, too!

10. Because YOU can take a turn being the kid! I seriously had so much fun at each and every turn. Main Street looked and smelled magical. The Matterhorn left me a little spooked! And those first couple of drops on Pirates of the Caribbean made my stomach drop a little even though I knew they were coming. 

So, if you're thinking you're too old to still enjoy Disney like a kid, I'd say think again :)

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