Napping together

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I actually took these pictures two days ago. And you better believe I held my breath as I took these shots. S is a pretty light sleeper, and I kept thinking, "You're crazy! Do you really have to take a picture and risk waking them?!" 

The answer is yes. I'm so glad I did, too! This was the first time they had ever slept together. After running around town the other day, S asked me if she and Pato could take their naps together. Right away, he got really excited about the idea, and I didn't have the heart to say no. 

I was sure it wouldn't work. But, ten minutes later, I peeked in and found them like this. I couldn't believe it! The one downside was that someone woke the other up (they both told me the other did it.) Overall, this gives me hope that maybe they could share a room down the road. I love the idea of them being in a room together and having their own little conversations. 

Fast forward to today. We woke up to a hefty amount of snow this morning, and S couldn't wait to play in it. We spent the morning shoveling and making a snowman. After coming in for lunch, S asked if they could nap together again. Sure, why not? I told them to be very quiet and not wake each other up. 

I adore these little sweethearts, and I love that they want to spend so much time together. And if it means better naps, you know I'll take it! 

A little plant for a little girl.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A couple months ago, we stopped by the dollar section of Target on our way in.

I mean, how could we NOT? They put all these stickers, funky socks, and wacky headpieces there knowing full well kids can't resist them. If I prepare in advance, I can sometimes distract the kids with a snack as we go in. Or, I throw them in the cart and pull a "Woah! Look over there!" and make a mad dash past the glitter and seasonal packs of pencils. But, on this particular day, S found a tiny pot that came with a little pack of seeds. The label said it was for some type of flower, and for a buck, I thought it would be fun for her. 

So we took the little kit home. We planted the seeds, pot the little pot by a window to get some sun, and this little girl watered it dutifully. Maybe too dutifully? Not dutifully enough? I really have no clue.

Every day she would look to see if anything was growing from the soil. Now, I may not know a thing about growing a plant, but I do like them, however, because they remind me of my Abuelita. When I was little, I remember that I used to love watering her plants with her. In her apartment, she had an entire wall covered in green. Plants growing everywhere and entertwining. You almost couldn't tell where one plant ended and another started. Leaves and more leaves covered that wall. I can't see a houseplant without thinking of her.

So, when S was particularly sad one morning because there still was nothing growing in her tiny pot, I told her we would go out a search for a perfect little plant. Preferably one that had a head start on the whole sprouting thing. I told her she could pick any one she wanted, and she was so excited because it would be "all hers." 

After about fifteen minutes of careful inspection, she settled on this little guy. She was very particular about what she wanted. (Not too big! Not too prickly!) It may not have been the one I would have chosen for her, but this little plant is perfect.

Now I'm really hoping that green thumbs are one of those things that skip a generation. That's a thing, right? 

Turns out, we all really kind of like each other.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm almost afraid to say it, but I feel like we've been in a really good groove lately. I think the cold weather and the recent snow has made us stop and slow down more. Probably because just getting the kids strapped in their car seats and getting them in and out of the car while they're both saying that they're soooo cold has really made think, " we realllllly need to leave the house??" Last week, S pretty much forced me to take them grocery shopping because as she said, "Mom. We don't have any food." 

But, the slowness has been so good for us. We've figured out how to enjoy one another without going *totally* stir crazy. There's still some level of crazy there, don't you worry about that. The kids keep learning how to play together better and better and don't need me to constantly tell them what to do.

The other night they were taking turns making funny faces at each other and they were cracking up. I am so glad these two have each other.  

Tonight, after getting up like a dozen times, I decided to lay with S for a bit in her bed. We talked about how much we love each other. I told her I love her more than chocolate, and she told me she loves me more than pink. PINK! Can you believe it? That's high praise. 

We also talked about what each member of our family likes or loves to do. According to her...

Daddy loves books. He likes reading, going to school, eating lunch, and playing. 

Mommy loves giving kisses and hugs. Mommy also loves going places together.

Pato loves her, being silly, and making funny faces. 

That girl really has us figured out, I'd say! 

How to Properly Drink Hot Chocolate

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Step One: Start drinking right away. You never know when someone's going to come and snatch that thing away right out of your hands. 

Step Two: Pace yourself. Take a breather about every two minutes. It's essential that these breaks are long enough to gather up your drinking energy, but don't make them too long either. (See step #1.) 

Step Three: Bask in that chocolate-y goodness. And hopefully, whipped cream goodness as well. 

Step Four: Knock the last bit of that sucker back. Do not, I repeat, do not, leave any chocolate behind. That would be waste. Huge. 

I yike yo face.

His latest thing is telling me everything he likes about me. He does it at completely random moments, as if he had just noticed I was there. Sounds awful, right? (Wrong!) Whenever he gets started I get all excited and want to say, "Tell me more! Tell me more!"

But I don't. I mean, at some point my kids need to learn that they're not the center of the universe. They'll learn that someday, and I'm sure it will be quite the shock.'s the run down of what he tells me: 


I yike yo face. 

I yike yo eyes.

I yike yo nose.

I yike yo mouth. 

I yike yo dress. 

Yes, I would say those are the top five. 

The other day he watched as I was getting my hair cut. Shortly after my hair was done, I put him down for a nap. The first thing that he said to me once he woke up was, "Oh! I yike yo hair mama! I yike yo hair-cut!" I almost squeezed the guts out of him right there.

Oh, and last Sunday at church, we were sitting in our pew, and everyone was being super quiet. Like, unusually quiet. So quiet that it felt like my kids were breathing too loudly. (Quiet at church?! Imagine that!) During one of these oddly silent times, J climbed up on my lap, grabbed my cheeks and said, "I yike yo face, mama!" He continued a bit longer, and you better believe I just sat there eating it up. 

So, to everyone who had their quiet time interrupted, I'm sorry. BUT. I couldn't just stop my son from declaring his undying love for me. 

I mean, I could. But, I couldn't. 

Please don't leave!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 I say it?

I'm afraid to say it. 

What if I jinx it?

Yeah, I'll definitely jinx it.

Whatever. I'm going to say it anyway. 

Here it goes...

||For about a week straight now, this girl has been an absolute peach.||

It's like I've found my little best friend again and we've been having so much fun together. Yes, fun! Chatting it up. Telling little secrets. Laughing at lame things that only we think are funny. (She so has my dumb sense of humor.)


I'm really hoping this friend isn't just making a quick stop in town. 


Sunday, February 1, 2015

A couple S moments from today...

Earlier, S climbed up in my lap (I tell ya, I really have to peel her off of me lately) and brushed her fingers through my hair. She then said, "I like your pink lipstick, mama. I hope maybe sometime I can have lipstick, too." 

Oh, dear. 

Also. At church today, the lady seated in front of us dropped her glasses, and they landed next to my bag. I bent over and grabbed them, and returned them to her. After doing so, S leaned over quietly and whispered to me, "That was very nice of you to do that, mama." 

Love ya, girl. But I think we'll hold off on that lipstick. 

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