First snow jaunt of the season.

Friday, January 3, 2014

When I put S to bed last night I told her that in the morning, she would wake up to see lots and lots of snow outside. I told her we would have breakfast and then we'd play outside in it. Thank goodness mother nature didn't let me down because that's the first thing she asked me about when she woke up.  When she first spotted the snow she gasped and said, "Snow!" And asked me every minute thereafter to take her outside.

So after I put little brother down for his morning nap, I got her all bundled up in her snow gear (no joke, I broke a sweat getting everything on her) and out we went for the first time that day. Don't worry, we went out again after her nap and this time, Pato joined us.

She jumped right in it right away like a pro. I cracked up because she kept talking to herself. "Stand up, S! Stand up! You can do it!"

I love my little nature-loving girl, but sometimes I really wonder where she got that from.

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