J: Sixteen Months

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Have we really had sixteen months of this boy? I feel blessed for every second this boy has been in our lives. He is truly a joy. Not a day goes by that I don't look at him and think, "What in the world would I ever do without you?"

At sixteen months this not-so-little one...

....has finally finally learned how to climb down the stairs. You have no idea the load that has taken off my shoulders. He slides down with his bum, and often makes an audible "humph" with each step. He did fall down the stairs at church last Sunday, but was only a little rattled. S, on the other hand, thought it was absolutely hilarious.

He gets into everything. From the moment he wakes up he is either tearing something apart, throwing something, opening cabinets/drawers, pulling things out of their get the idea. He keeps me on my toes.

He gives the sweetest kisses, and accompanies them with a, "mmmmwah."

He has little interest in toys. "Then what does he play with?" you may ask. Beats me. Anything he can get his hand on, I suppose. Pens, nail clippers, Christmas cards, remotes, a shoe, keys, small picture frames, phone chargers, you know. Safe stuff. Actually, no. He does like toys that involve hammering things. 

He is a little giggler, and is most ticklish by his neck.

He can say: mama, dad, banana, book, agua, stop, shoes, bye-bye, night-night, mas, Dora, okay, cracker, backpack, bubble bath, cereal, all done, and "I did it!" He is really trying to put sounds together to form words.

He is a cracker connoisseur. 

He gets a little cranky a couple times a day. Whenever this happens, you just need to cuddle him with his duck-lovey, his pacifier, and his blanket and he will quickly cheer up.

When you tell him "no" he makes the saddest face in the world. He acts as if his heart has been broken and you immediately have to fight the urge to say, "Oh, no! It's okay! You can totally throw the iPad into the tub if that's what will make you happy!"

For the past two weeks, he's decided that 2AM is prime party time and lets everyone know it. He is wide awake and just wants to play and yell, "Dora! Dora!" 

For you, kid, I'd give up sleep entirely. I'd have to give up my sanity as well, though, and then yeah, things would get ugly.

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Unknown said...

The CUTEST little Pato ever! Love Pato and his wandering ways, love of small things, and his smiles which light up his entire face! Grammy and Poppy miss our sweetheart!

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