And then she was three!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Today has been a whirlwind!

A mixture of birthday excitement and " this time three years ago..." and "Mama, tell me a story of when I was a baby!" 

This is the first birthday where she knew what's up, and boy, does this girl think she's a fancy pants-hotshot- big girl now. TOTAL big girl status. 

It is also the first year where I actually felt prepared for the day, and hey! I made a cake! Well, she and I made it together. It was a little wonky, but it was pink and had a ton of in her eyes, it was perfect. 

The day was spent doing things she liked and it was just the best. Presents, FaceTiming grandparents, donuts, a trip to the aquarium, and TWO restaurants. Spoiled this one. 

But, I wanted to take a second and tell you about this three-year-old. Because already today, she is much older than she was yesterday...

She is compassionate. I can already tell she will be a friend to many.

She laughs loudly. When she laughs, you want to do anything to not let it stop. 

She is a helper. 

She is curious and loves to learn. 

She is an encourager. She loves to cheer others on, and I hope she will always be supportive of those she loves. 

She is grateful. 

She is meticulous.

She is not mean. 

She is quick to forgive.

In short, she is already a better person than I. She has so many qualities I wish I had and I pray that these qualities are ones that grow with her.

feel like time is not being very generous with me, and letting the years slip by too quickly. Time is far too selfish. But for now, I will squeeze out every second I have with my girl. Every awesome, tiring, and loud second. 

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