We just made some crumbs for you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

<<Insert chirping crickets here.>>

Between sicknesses and traveling and dance parties and tantrum-ing, things have been pretty busy around here. And things don't really look like they will slow down any time soon. 

Which means that every spare second I have, you can find my not folding laundry, ha! Seriously. How does that work? Over the past two days I feel like I've folded and put away so much but the pile looks just as big. If anyone is looking for a gift for me, a laundry fairy would MAKE my day!

But, really. I miss my *semi* regular posting for the main fact that I know I'm not recording a lot of the good stuff. The boring, mundane, and un-glamorous things that I am so lucky to call mine. 

So to start off this April....a little bit from today: 

After finishing their post-nap sack, S excitedly ran to me and yelled, "Mommy! We just made some crumbs for you! So you can clean them up!"

I mean. How did she KNOW that's exactly what I wanted! Haha. 

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