recovery mode and bindi irwin makes me cry

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Almost a week late, but whatever.

We came back late (laaaate) Sunday night after spending a few days with our Jones family in Dallas. I kept saying to C, "Wow, this has been SUCH a good trip" the entire time there. We stuffed ourselves with food, and I tell ya...leftover turkey sandwiches with avocado, bacon, and cranberry sauce are almost as good as the main event on Thanksgiving day. The kids loved playing with their cousins, and well, that pretty much just made everything. I could have sat in the airport for four days doing nothing else and it would have been worth it just to see them with family. Mind you, I would have probably been wild-haired-looting the Hudson News candy stash by day two, but it would've been worth it.

And now that we're back, we're still in recovery mode. Pato didn't wake up till after nine our first day back, and I definitely had that, "Um, I really hope he's still breathing" thought. I'm also in "Oh-my-gosh-I-have-to-make-Christmas-memorable-now" mode. I feel like this might be the first Christmas where the kids really start remembering, so I'm trying my best to make it one where the kids don't look back and just remember sitting in front of the TV overdosing on Daniel Tiger and Doc McStuffins.

I'm pretty sure that come January, I'll be dying to take a long luxurious bath to recuperate from the holidays. I mean, I think baths are still a luxurious thing, right? It's been so long...I don't even know, guys. 

ps. Anyone watching Dancing With the Stars? (Don't make fun. I gave up the Kardashians long ago.) But this season! That Bindi Irwin makes me cry EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I actually started crying about a month ago just telling someone about it. I blame the hormones. Or just Bindi. Darn you, Bindi!

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Unknown said...

Bindi Irwin is definitely one of the cutest human beings on the happy and sunshiney!

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