A Year of Oscar: Seven Months

Friday, November 4, 2016

This month's update almost escaped me! Between having family coming into town and the holidays, it feels like someone pushed the fast forward button on just about everything. Why is it that summer has a way of just dragging the heck out but fall is over before you have a second to realize what just happened? I would gladly give up the last month of summer for an extra month of fall. I'd give up the whole entire summer to be honest.

Anyway. Seven months! I hate that this means that he is closer to being a one-year old now! I keep trying to remind myself that each stage is so fun, but that's hard to do when I love this baby phase so much!

This month, Oscar has finally figured out how to get the whole sitting thing down. He had been sitting up for a little while, but I could never leave him alone because he would topple over after a minute. But, one day it's like the switch went off, and then he figured it out. 

He can be pretty wiggly, and often, when you're holding him he will turn his body around so he can face outwards. It feels like he wants to jump out of my arms, but I just tell him, "What are you gonna do, buddy? You can't crawl! Where will you go??" He hasn't figured out how to crawl yet (I am in NO rush for him to master that yet!) but he is able to move in an entire circle around him when he's on his belly. Seriously...once he's over.

He continues to be an absolute sweetheart with a smile that makes my entire day. And that dimple! I check every day to make sure it's still there. Im afraid one morning I will wake up and it will be gone. 

He loves to babble, and say ba ba ba. And I swear it sounds like he says, "Al-fal-fa." And no, he hasn't been watching The Little Rascals.

Still nursing and eating like a champ, but if he had his choice, he'd be drinking my Coke and eating whatever I'm eating. What am I going to do with you, Oscar boy? 

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