A post where I try to not be political but just end up talking about cheese.

Monday, December 5, 2016

So, I had a very sweet friend point out to me today that I hadn't blogged in a little bit, and wondered if it had been due to the latest presidential election. (Yes, the last time I blogged we lived in a world where people still thought there was no way he would win the election. Turns out, people were wrong.)

I really don't want this post to be about DT, so I'll keep it brief.

Yes, part of the reason I haven't blogged in a few weeks is because I am so darn disappointed and still wake up wondering if I had just dreamt it all. The day after the news broke, I felt this feeling that I don't know how to describe entirely? It was like I had fallen asleep one night and then woken up, stepped outside, only to discover that everyone's bodies were turned inside out. I know that sounds graphic, but can you imagine the confusion one would feel? Like...I thought I KNEW what our country looked like, but all of a sudden I didn't. I'm not saying that overnight, everyone who voted for DT had their hearts turn black. I'm not saying that. Because I know people that I love who voted for him. But, now there are all these people walking around with their guts hanging out and I'm just puzzled. 

Another part of the "don't know quite how to describe" feeling is if you were playing a game with friends, and choosing teams. Your best friend knows you're not the best kickball player, thinks it's endearing (and I mean that in the sweet way...not the "you're a dope" way) the way you fall on your butt every time you kick, and tells you that you're doing a good job, anyway. But, when it's time to pick teams, your best friend doesn't pick you first, second, or third, or even last and instead wants to pick a piece of cheese instead of having you on your team. And you're left standing there not only feeling betrayed, but also kinda like...REALLY??? Cheese?? (However, my imaginary cheese doesn't grab anyone by the p****.)

Anyway. For a little while, I just didn't FEEL like sharing my life with everybody, ya know? Like, WHY should I move on if I'm not ready to? Why should I put on a happy face for anybody?

Anyway...this is already more talk of politics than I intended.

But, what I want to say is this....

I still love all you inside-out people.

I'm trying not to be offended that cheese was picked over me. I keep telling myself there's a good reason for it, and that you love me just as much as I think you do, but you just really needed cheese on your team at that moment. I truly hope cheese works out for you. I hope cheese gets a home run for your team, but I hope cheese will also hit a home a home run for all of us. I hope cheese is able to play better than I think a piece of cheese ever could. I REALLY hope cheese will stop stinking. 

And I wish Alec Baldwin a very healthy next four years.


NOW: for something ENTIRELY not political....

It's the holiday season! It's upon us! And that makes me so happy. You know what else makes me happy?

1. Every time Pato reads that letter board, he says, "I smell my snow." 

2. Christmas pajamas! Aren't they the best? O has quite the collection, partly because of his awesome hand-me-downs. The polka dotted ones on the top are my favorite because all three of my babies have worn them. I remember picking them out for S before she was born. I had no idea what she would be like, nor any of our other children. Turns out they are a hundred times more amazing than I ever could have imagined. 


Keegan said...

This is excellent! I love the cheese analogy! It's perfect. I want to say more, but also that's all I really think needs to be said. Thank you!

Jessica Large said...

I feel ya on the whole cheese thing. Hopefully this cheese ages well over the next four years.

On a more chipper note, I love the pajamas! Do you have a favorite place to buy Christmas sets?

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