almost two

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I simply cannot believe that this little guy will be two next month. I feel like he gets into so much trouble, I'm constantly cleaning up after his messes, and the only time the house is normal-level loud is when he's asleep.

By the time Oscar came around, I used to think I knew pretty much everything I needed to know about raising toddlers. I mean, I had two kids twelve months apart! How hard could one toddler be?! I got this!

It's funny that people who have known our older kids for a while and now know Oscar often will comment on how different he is than my big kids. He is certainly louder, more active, and way more crazy than the other two. I feel like I've thrown so many "rules" out the window! But, I do know he was exactly what our family needed. He was exactly what I needed. 

I mean, I don't need so much all the food on the floor he always leaves behind...but you win some you lose some. 

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