Sunday, April 7, 2013

A picture of all four of us? Never happens.
Today we took the train from London to Windsor to visit the castle. This was high up on my list of things to do while in England, and our entire time there I kept thinking that it was too dreamy to be real. 
Did I say I wanted to live in London? I meant to say Windsor. Castle.
Let's be honest. It was a long day. S and J were awesome most of the day, even with us messing up their naps. Lunchtime wasn't very pretty as S apparently doesn't function well when tired and hungry (I don't blame her.) I definitely caught one or two (or three or five) people shooting me disapproving looks.
Always climbing on benches. Hasn't found a bench she doesn't like.
Yes, I know my little girl chose to sit down smack dab in the middle of the road. And I'm fully aware that pacifier just fell in the dirt.
Standing awkwardly so I don't drop her. Sigh.
 It was one of those days. When you're counting the seconds till bedtime. When you feel like you should have been a little more patient. When you're reminded that you're not Supermom, even though sometimes you really really try.

In fron't of St. George's Chapel.
But, I'm creating memories and taking pictures and someday I'll tell S about her pushing every doorknob in the State Apartments in the palace because I realized I could keep her quiet/happy by telling her they were buttons. (She loves pushing buttons right now....not figuratively yet, thank goodness.) And I'll tell J that I secretly nursed him in his carrier as I walked around and no one could even tell. 
Little Baby J. Had to take a take a picture to prove he was there.
On the ride home. You better believe she's staring at an iPad, watching Little Bear.  Whatever it takes.
As I write this, the kids are asleep (little J tosses every so often in the kitchen...yes, he sleeps in the's a one bedroom flat in London, folks) and already I miss them



Unknown said...

I loved this post the most, because every time you mentioned one of those "mommy moments" I laughed and thought, "I totally know how she feels!" Funny how motherhood can be filled with both hair pulling disasters and unbelievable joys all at the same time, huh? :)

Karim Jones said...

Amber- Yes! Just the very next day, S was so happy all day and woke up wanting to give hug after hug after hug. Jekyll and Hyde??

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