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Monday, November 25, 2013

So, I have always known I had wonderfully smart and talented friends, and a few are taking part in some fun and exciting things...

I didn't know I needed more (or any) dried flowers in my life until I looked at everything my super talented friend, Tina creates. She sells gorgeous (seriously) arrangements on her etsy shop, Flores del Sol. And the people at Gardenista love her as well. Check out the awesome article they just did on her here! I've already booked her for S's wedding someday. IG: @floresdelsol

Casey has an amazing eye for fashion. She lives in London with her little family, and blogs about their fun adventures. Just try not to get jealous! She is currently doing a giveaway on her blog that you should enter if you have any sort of child in your life. Of if you're a really nice neighbor and want to give it to the kid next door. IG: @cmatheny

I should also mention that each of these ladies above have daughters that are hair twins with S. So, that would make them hair triplets, right?

And lastly...

My friend Jenny Rose (isn't that the most gorgeous name of all time??) and her friends started a little paper company. I am super excited about this because anyone who knows Jenny knows how hilarious and so darn creative she is. Cobalt & Dash does not have an online store yet, but you should check out their blog. We will definitely be in line for a print once they open up. IG: @cobaltanddash

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  1. you are such a sweetie!!! thanks for sharing :) :) :) ( <----- the hair triplets)


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