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Friday, November 1, 2013

This little lady is such an outdoors girl and I really haven't a clue where she got that. She would run around in nothing but a diaper in the freezing rain if it meant she could stay outside. While I don't quite share her enthusiasm, I feel like it has begun to rub off on me. But, don't even try to get me to go camping because you're going to lose that bet. Nope. No thank you. You can keep your s'mores. 
How about those colors though? Right?!  I particularly loved the yellow one with the green stripey part in the middle. Turns out, this was a great way for S to practice her colors. Rojo! Verde! Amarillo! That's my Spanglish baby for ya. 

Oh, and lest you think I was totally ignoring J, I'll have you know he was napping. His morning naps mean S and I get busy coloring, playing with her letters, coloring, stickers, oh, and yeah, MORE coloring. You should see the poor state our crayons are in. 

Some other tidbits on this Friday evening....

I am starting to mentally prepare myself for the day J breaks an arm, or a leg, or his collarbone. Today, he fell flat on his face and we saw some blood on him, and we think it originated somewhere around the mouth area. Not sure though. In places where there is one small step to descend, instead of crawling down it, half the time he just steps off knowing he will fall. He just gets up and keeps going. Then does it again. Total opposite of S who is normally so careful and hesitant. 

So, S refers to herself in the third person. She calls herself "Fess-Fess" and points to her mouth (???) while doing so. 

Fess-Fess is crazy about school buses. My word. She spots them from a mile away. One time we drove up right next to one and it reminded me to Beatle-mania. Or Bono-mania :) 

We call J "Wanderer" a lot because he wanders all over the house. The boy has ants in his pants. 

And I'll leave you with one of the coolest things I've seen this week. Thumbs up, Pope Francis.

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Unknown said...

Love this sweetheart and her love for the outdoors. We will plan much time outside at parks while you are here!

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