New York Transit Museum

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Over the weekend, we thought we'd go out and do something specifically for the kids. I mean, I know they think climbing up and down the stairs is the most fun thing ever, but they deserved something extra special. I'd heard from friends before about how great the NYTM is, but when I saw pictures of it recently, I knew it was right up our alley. And, boy, was I right. If you have kids and are in the NYC area, this place is a must! The entrance looks like a subway entrance, and there are two levels of train and bus history. The lowest level is just train car after train car that takes you through the ages. 

So, here's a shocker. S still hates buses. Even ones that are.not.running. Ones where half of if is missing. Hates them. Memories of London came floooooding back to me. Especially That One really bad memory. That time S cried/screamed/flailed like a madwoman for an hour straight in Notting Hill and every single bus wasn't running. I pushed my crazed toddler through the streets and I think every person in London stared at me and made me feel like the worst mom on earth. And then, ha, yes, we got on a bus, and she screamed even more and some man told me to, "....just give her some cake." Really?! Oh, that's right. I'm in London. Let me just grab my WAND and conjure up a cake. Cause that's a THING. Cause I can just DO that! (I have a daily Harry Potter reference quota I have to meet.) Then when we finally got home I broke down in tears. Did I mention my son was strapped to my friend in a carrier who was already pushing her toddler because she was a saint?! Sigh. Someday, I will go to Notting Hill and make a really good memory to replace "That One Really Bad Time in Notting Hill" memory. 

Anyway. One of my favorite things was looking up at all the old advertisements. Of course. The kids loved running around like little animals. Pato, especially was in absolute heaven. C and I agreed that he has never had that much fun in a museum before. He just ran from one place to the next and didn't even care if we were there. Thanks, kid. 

Oh, just smoochin' on the subway. No biggie. (Sidenote: if you want to embarrass your fourteen-year-old brother, just as him to take a picture of you kissing.)

We found this neat wall art just around the corner on our way to eat. Isn't it cool? The city provides the best backgrounds for pictures ever.  Know what else I love? The Shake Shack we had for lunch. Have I mentioned that yet? Ugh. I love that place way too much. It's probably a good thing we don't have one near us in Williamsburg or I would need bigger pants. 

And an intervention. 


Unknown said...

Cute children+awesome museum+favorite city+great food+people we love=a perfect day!
Next time, call us!
Love, G and P

Casey said...

How cute are these photos!! Man. I'm bummed I never made it to that museum. Looks fun!

Unknown said...

You are the cutest little family you really are!

Erin said...

Love the museum! That looks like our kind of museum. Let the littles run!

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