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Friday, January 10, 2014

There might be a bunch of these around here because homegirl talks our ears off.

The other night, she ran around the the house naked (except for her penguin backpack on her back) and holding wooden music sticks in each of her hot little hands.

S: Bye-bye Mama! Ee you layer! Big hug! Big kiss!

Me: Okay, bye! Where are you going?

S: Um. I going to the doctor's! I get a yellow sticker! Then, I go to school. Then I go to work.

Me: Wow! Okay! Have fun!

S: Bye, Mama! Have fun!

She then walked into my Dad's office and peed on the floor.

(Sorry, Dad. I know you read this blog. But, we got it all cleaned up and you apparently haven't even noticed.)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

What a funny, creative soul she has! Some playtime please and sooner rather than later! G and P love our girl!

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