S: Twenty-Nine Months

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

C had mentioned missing my monthly updates on our two, so I will try to do better at documenting their monthly changes...and the list keeps getting longer as they figure more things out.

It feels sort of silly to do a "twenty-nine month" update. You stop counting by months after two, but whatever. I never made any promises on this blog to not include anything silly. Or dumb. I digress.

This little ham...

...talks all the live-long day. My word, she does not stop! Where did she get THAT from? Kidding! It seems like everyday she learns a new saying. Like, "Oh, I think so!" Or, "That's a good idea!" We love having conversations with her even more now that she's so observant.

She is super polite and almost always says "thank you." We're working on "please." And sometimes she'll say, "Thank you! You're welcome!"

She is such a hard worker and loves to learn. She can name/identify all the letters in the alphabet, counts in English and Spanish, can identify all her numbers, knows her colors, can name all the common shapes, can usually spell her name, and knows that M is for mama, D is for dada, and P is for Pato.

She is awesome in nursery now. We never thought this day would come! Last Sunday she basically pushed me out the door. She is so much more social and I can't believe how much she's grown.

Her favorite things are: tea parties, tickling, dancing, making sure everyone has a blanket, eating snow, playing with cars, singing, playing with sand, and coloring. Oh, and telling people what to do.

She is my mini-me in so many ways, which sometimes really makes us butt heads. But, at the end of the day, she reminds me that we (and Dada and Pato) are best friends, and all is right again.

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Unknown said...

She continues to delight us with her cuteness, talkative nature, polished manners, and her many varied interests! Many happy times ahead for S, Grammy, and Poppy! Heaps of love to her!

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