Bust a move

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 14: Make us laugh. Share a funny story or picture.

Well, I don't know if this will make you laugh, but check out my girl bustin' a move in the post office. This girl has music in her heart, and I'll often find her singing to herself, or loudly to the world. She does not get this from her parents, so any singing talent is alllll her own. 

As far as the move bustin'...well, I guess C and I can totally take credit. It has become a nightly tradition to have a family dance party before dinner. Our current jam is that Happy song by Pharrell. I mean, how can you NOT dance to it. Really, though? Pato has his signature dance move where he bobs up and down, and now he has graduated to including some arm waiving. 

And lastly. Running errands with these two isn't exactly easy, but they make it so fun. Every morning, S asks me, "What are we doing today??" I'm so glad I have my two little buddies to go with me everywhere. (And in Pato's case, I do mean everywhere. He hardly ever lets me out of his sight and is constantly plopping himself on my lap. Not complaining!) 

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