Strawberry Fields

Monday, May 19, 2014

This was a goooood weekend. Like, perfect weather, no one was scratching anyone, etc etc. 

Every year, we take the ferry over to Surry for strawberry and pumpkin picking. And get homemade ice cream. Mainly the ice cream? Anyway. Last year, the strawberry crop was ruined, so we weren't able to pick them, and thus missed out on the ice cream. Have I sold you on the ice cream yet?

Pato on the ferry over. Does his hair look kind of Donald Trump-ish? No, I didn't think so either.

S is so funny. She would ask for more bites before she was done with the one in her mouth. Daily I become more and more convinced that she is my mini-me. I really hope she can handle that sweet tooth better than mama.

Would you believe he was pretty apprehensive about it? Unless he was holding the cone himself. Then he was totally sold.

Okay. So as soon as we got to the patch, J seemed to catch on suuuuuper quick that he was in strawberry heaven. He immediately started grabbing every strawberry in sight (smushed or not-smushed...didn't matter to him) and would shove them right into his mouth. At first, we kept trying to to get him to stop, but we quickly realized that was just dumb and would make us all miserable.

S of course loved holding the basket and collecting berries. It was a bit of a slow process, but we got there. Only a couple green ones made it in to the basket I think.

We still have another year here in Williamsburg, but the feeling of things coming to close keep creeping up on me. I want to soak in all we can before we move to who-knows-where. Has it really taken me all these years to learn to really really love it here? Figures, right?

Please be gentle on us, summer. Please, oh please?

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Whitney said...

What an awesome day!! I need to take the boys there.

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