Farmer's Market

Monday, August 4, 2014

It's official. We've ruined our kids. Saturdays are now for farmers markets and cupcakes and stealing some of mama and dada's Popsicles. Oh, and sheep and horses because, boy, those never seem to get old. If you ask S, her favorite flavor is "rojo." And be aware if you're sharing with her because she translates, "Just take a little lick," as "Go ahead and take a big honkin' bite." 

So, in this picture, S is doing one of her favorite things. Every week, we go to this stand and try the different flavors of chèvre cheese and take a tub home. The man who makes and sells the cheese is a pretty quiet sorta awkward man. (Makes great cheese...but pretty sure I won't find him at a party any time soon. Then again, I don't think i'll be finding myself at many parties anytime soon, either.) Anyway, he never talks much to us, but this last week he totally smiled when S ran up, and I think mayyybbe we've started to grow on him?? Maybe?! That's us. We keep badgering ya till you like us.

And let's end on a cute note, shall we...

Dream. Boat.

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