The art of storytelling.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

This girl. She's turning into a storyteller. She gets this from both sides of her family.

Although, the actual storytelling-gene somehow skipped me. I can't for the life of me tell a good story. How many details do I add? What should I skip over? And how the heck do I end story? I'm so awkward. These are hard hard things, people. Do not even ask me to tell you what a movie is about. I'd somehow make Harry Potter sound like Jurassic Park. Trust me. 

Anyway. She comes from a long line of storytellers. I have memories of being around her age, and hearing my abuelita stay up late into the night telling stories of her childhood to my aunts. How she would climb trees to spy on her neighbors. And how she'd braid her hair and wear her one flowery dress and sing in the street in front of her home. 

I love my abuelita, but the world's best singer....she is not. Being bad singers also runs through my veins. Sorry, kids. 

When we lived in Utah, my very favorite thing to do was have Sunday dinners at our Granny's house. I loved hearing all her stories. She would tell stories about the places she'd been to (she'd always say that Papa "...showed her the world.") I'd hear about how her mother used to make what she would call "Depression jelly" because they would use all parts of the apple to make it. I'll never forget the way her eyes light up and the way she laughs when she's telling a good story. And I promise....they're allll good. 

Just because I can't tell a good story doesn't mean I don't appreciate one. And these are the things I want to pass down to our children. The stories that are told to us, and hopefully, someday my kids will be able to appreciate my attempt at storytelling on here. 

Lately, S mostly talks to herself and tells stories along the way. I love listening in as she talks about going to the beach or about making new friends or going on a new "benture." (adventure) Just today I heard her playing in the sunroom and pretending that her shovel and rake were her "cousins." (My goodness, sometimes I really really wish we lived closer to family...) 

So, my girl, keep telling your stories. I'm excited to hear them all. 

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Abigail said...

If your Granny is still alive, you should get her to record her stories, and if not, you should write down as many as you remember. When I was born, my mom gave my grandparents booklets to write their memories in, and I treasure their words.

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