What you can + can't ask me.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Please don't ask me...

+ what's for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner.
+ if I'm ready for the baby to arrive. My brain is ready. My heart is ready. Not much else is "ready."
+ for another snack. I really hate that "s" word. Don't try to disguise it with "treat" or "little something" either. 
+ where the baby will sleep. I have no idea.
+ why my laundry is never finished. 
+ where the Apple TV remote is. (I think theres a chip in those things that make it disappear precisely fourteen minutes a day just to drive you crazy.)
+ where your (insert anything) is when I gave it to you two minutes ago.
+ to take you out of the bath so you can poop three minutes after I had just gotten you in.
+ why I can't carry you. It breaks my heart and I so wish I could, buddy. 
+ why I donated your Easy-Bake-Oven. You weren't supposed to see that.

You CAN ask me...

+ for another hug/kiss/cuddle. I'll never run out of those.
+ if I'd like you to bring me home a chocolate chip cookie on your way home from work. 

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