Always tired. Always thirsty.

Friday, April 15, 2016

So, if you even remotely follow along with our family, you already know that we've had quite a busy month. We welcomed baby O into our family, and it's amazing the sweet spirit he has brought into our home. I want to write a separate post about his birth, and more of the details that I want to remember, but for now, I'm doing this.

Writing disjointed things for the mere sake of making sure they are written down somewhere. Because there is so much I don't want to forget. We are all head over heels for this boy, and he is even better than I dreamed. He has his daddy's feet and looks so much like S did as a baby. He smells divine and he loves nothing more than to be cuddled up close. 

Because of that, I've had to learn to do a lot of things one-handed...and...well...I'm not complaining. He's been doing so well the last couple of weeks of sleeping in his bassinet, and sometimes I scoop him up and hold him because maybe I need to be cuddled close to a baby, too.

Something else I need? Water. Holy crap. I am ALWAYS thirsty. The other night I woke up feeling like my body had been depleted of every drop of water it had. I ran to the bathroom and used my cupped hands to drink water from the faucet. (For the last few months, I've always had at least one or two glasses by my bed, and out of all nights, I had chosen this one to be a responsible adult and clean up after myself.) When the cupped hands weren't cutting it, I threw dignity out the window and straight up stuck my head under the spout and started guzzling and guzzling. I kept thinking, "Give me water. Give me ALL the water!" Like, someone PLEASE figure out how to get all that salt out of the oceans and down my throat. We'll figure out a place for all the whales to live in later...

Again, please forgive me and this little blog for the next little bit as I try to fill in some gaps and try to write things down in a way that make some sort sense. And forgive me when I go off on tangents about how thirsty I am.

But, then again, if you've been reading along, you know that's how we roll over here anyway :)

**Fair trade woven mini basket c/o Little Cottonwood. What I love about this basket is that every purchase helps the weavers of the baskets by providing healthcare and school supplies to them and their families. We used them as the kids' Easter baskets, and now they use them to store their "stuffs."

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