Ten Things I'm Not Even Mad About

Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm not mad that from the moment I wake up, I'm already tired.

I'm not mad that my hair is falling out at a crazy alarming rate. I know it's common, but dang. Just when I thought that this time around maybe I'd get to escape that post-pregnancy hair loss, bam. 

I'm not mad that O pooped on my side of the bed.

In fact, I'm so not mad about it, that I just wiped it up with a baby wipe and slept on it.

I'm not mad that almost twenty-four hours later, my right arm is still really sore from O falling asleep in my arms yesterday at church. He rarely does that, so nope, not mad.

I'm not mad that I have mom arms. And mom stomach. And mom thighs. And mom butt. Not mad about that.

I'm not mad that no matter how many times I sweep a day, there are always crumbs on the floor. It defies logic, I tell ya. Someday the kids will be older, hanging out with their friends who are much cooler than I, and I'll be begging them to sit with me just a few minutes longer and spill crumbs everywhere.

I'm not mad that Sof woke me up this morning with her face (and morning breath) in mine.

I'm not mad that summer is beginning to head on outta here. It's been good, but I'm not the tiniest bit mad to say bye to it.

And lastly, I'm not even mad that Pato told me he wanted Daddy, not me, to take him to school this morning. I'm okay with that. Especially because as he was getting ready to go, he put a picture of "Pato and mama" in his little orange backpack so he could think of me. 

Lots to just not be mad about today. 

**Matching Mama Bird and Baby Bird shirts from The Bee and the Fox. They can be found HERE. I promise, they are two of my very favorite shirts. I'll be hanging on to them forever, I'm sure.

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