What I Really Hope They'll Learn This Year

Monday, August 8, 2016

So, the kids started school this morning and I'm just all over the place. Last night, we packed their backpacks, ironed and laid out their clothes, and stayed up late making one of their favorite breakfasts for them so it would be ready in the morning. (Never mind that I took it out of oven too early and ended up undercooking it. They ate the fully cooked parts and didn't even notice) We knew this day was coming, we've been talking about it for weeks, but as I walked away after dropping them off to their respective classes, it suddenly hit me. And it hit me hard.

They are gone. They are off learning things, making friends (I hope), doing stuff...without me. I feel like the annoying little sibling who is left out and is sitting sadly in the corner thinking, "But, what about me?!" That's one of the points, though, right? Figuring out how to do things without your parents right next to you. Figuring out you. 

I could sit here and write about how it feels like they were just tiny babies in my arms. Or how it seems like just yesterday that they were bouncing around in diapers and footie pajamas. I could write about how Time is dead set on becoming my worst enemy and he always seems to be winning. 

There's a ton I could write. But, since I'm sitting in a Starbucks and am not in the mood to have a bunch of strangers watch me cry, I'll write instead about some of my hopes for my kids this year.

To S and P:

I hope you will discover and rediscover the brave little people I know are in there. I hope that you will find good friends, and that you'll be the kind of friend you wish to have. I hope that you will be helpers. I hope that you'll always choose kindness. I hope that you'll understand that it's more important to be nice than it is to be right. I hope that you will be challenged and make mistakes, just so you learn to try again. And finally, I hope you'll be fine with me hugging you a little longer at night because I just miss ya.

And now, I'll go back to watching the clock and counting down the seconds till it's time to see them again :)

Ah, shoot, here come the tears. This is just a really good hot chocolate, okay people??

1 comment:

Keegan said...

This is such a great letter! I love it!

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