A year of Jones kids: August

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

You guys. I don't even know I've been posting these updates on the blog, but I've been taking pictures of the kids in front of this calendar since January.

And, like, you know when you start something, thinking it's a really fun idea...but then you get halfway through, and you're all "Wait, what was I thinking?" Yeah. THAT.

But, whatever. Every month, they stick with me. They know they'll be both bribed and threatened and bribed some more. You know what, though? I keep doing them because every month a small part of me is proud that they're all still there, and I haven't accidentally left one behind at the grocery store. (Speaking as someone who once got lost at the grocery store as a child, and was so certain I would never see my mother ever again, and would have to spend the rest of my days somewhere in between the cereal isle and the dog food, this is a major MAJOR win.) 

Some days I still think, "Wow. Three. And they're mine."

Just makes my heart want to burst and cry and hold them so tightly. Never gets old. 

Also, speaking of photographing kids, I was honored to be approached by one of my favorite companies, Artifact Uprising to help contribute to a piece they worked on called, "Photographing Littles." I, along with some other parent-photographers, shared some of our tips when capturing our own little ones. You can find the post HERE!

|| Little Cottonwood matching "Ridge" button-up shirts: HERE || Little Cottonwood "Rosie" dress in blue gingham: HERE ||

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