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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"Happy birthday!! Are you two?!"

By about the fifth time we had said, "Happy Birthday" I think he knew something special was going on.  "Bir-day!"

But, if we asked, "Is it your birthday?" He would respond with, "No!" "Are you two??" "Two? No...."

A few days before, I ordered a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. That morning I picked up red and white balloons. And my mom took the older two kids out to pick up a gift for him while I got the chance to have a few hours with just the birthday boy.

We played (even though he asked for Sheh-sheh and Paw-po the whole time) and watched his favorite favorite show-- The Wiggles. And he let me hold him as watched. The best part was when he started falling asleep in my arms, and I remember thinking, "This is the best birth day present and its not even my birthday." So, I quickly grabbed my phone to take this shot before I took him down to bed. It ended up being the best part of the day because it reminded me of those early days when he needed me for so much and spent so many hours in my arms. It reminded me that no matter how old he is, I will always be a place for him to land.

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