a simple reminder in an ikea bathroom

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

I took the kids to ikea to get a basket for our fiddle leaf. The trash bag that it had been sitting in for over a month was becoming way too part of the room decor, so it had to go. 

Of course, I left ikea basket-less.

What was supposed to be a super quick "in and out" trip ended up taking almost three hours, and it ended up being a much needed afternoon.

The big kids played in the play place, Oscar and I somehow navigated the maze which is ikea several times, and we decided to throw nap time out the window.

After finishing lunch, we stayed so the kids could do a little art project. We didn't rush, we took our time. 

As I corralled the kids into the restroom to wash their hands off, I looked in the mirror and snapped this shot really quick. I was reminded of how lucky I am that I get to be their mama. I always wake up grateful to call them mine, of course, but I don't often think about how lucky I am, too. 

All the little when I see Oscar's tiny toes when he's napping and think, "Wow, I made those."

A simple reminder was just what I needed...even if it was in the middle of an ikea bathroom.

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