5 Tips For Getting Your Meal Looking Insta-Worthy

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

If there's one thing I love, it's FOOD! If there's another thing I love, it's taking pictures! So, it seems only natural that I get so much joy from taking pictures of what we are eating. And because breakfast foods happen to be my kids' favorite, these are especially fun to dress up. But, lets me honest, these tips can be applied to any meal or snack. So, today I'm sharing FIVE tips for getting your meal looking Insta-worthy.

1. Pick something you feel comfortable making. Whether you're making eggs Benedict for the hundredth time or your millionth bowl of cereal, it helps when you're taking pictures of something that actually looks good, and doesn't look over or under cooked.

2. I always make tableware a big part of the picture. Which probably explains all the plates and glasses I've collected over the years. I like to mix and match them and, and my kids always think the meal is more exciting when I bring out the "fun" plates. I also like to collect pretty placemats and napkins.

3. As a personal preference, I LOVE to add COLOR! To add pops of color, I'll often use fruit in breakfast or brunch pictures. Berries are PERFECT. I usually will add them to the plate, and have some on the side as well. (Not only does it look better visually, but also, my kids love fruit and it almost always gets finished up.) Sauces, vegetables, and even cut up herbs or spices are another easy way to add color and textures. But, perhaps my most favorite way to add color, is throwing a vase with some fresh flowers right in the picture. 

4. I love the look of a meal that looks like you're just about to eat together. So, this usually means more than one setting. What I do is have at least two plates "ready-made" with the food already prepared to eat including all the toppings and sides. Also, to give a feel of a close family setting, one trick I use is placing all the items closer than you would typically set a table to eat. I tend to "crowd" the places together, and fill in the empty space.

5. This one is less of a picture tip but more of a "you probably have hungry people waiting" tip! I always try to get these shots BEFORE I say, "Food's ready!!" Because let me tell you, telling little ones to keep their hands off the food while you're trying to take pictures is rough on everyone. Plus, everything moves a little faster without someone asking, "Can I eat it yet? Can I eat it yet?" 

Hope some of these tips are helpful to you! And tag me in your pictures so I can see!

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