picking pumpkins...or the day my two became best friends

Saturday, October 26, 2013

You know those days where you sit on the couch at the end of the day, and the kids are sleeping in their rooms, and you're pretty sure time did something screwy and the day was actually 30 hours long and not 24? (Pardon the degree was in communications, not English.) Today was one of those days. 

The morning started off by taking S to the farmer's market and running some errands while we were out.  While in the car, I asked her if she knew where we were going. She said, "Car. Popeye? Tetas?" We've been talking about our trip to Texas next month, and I've had to remind her a few times that we can't drive to Texas right now. It was cute thought. (Oh, and Popeye is what she calls her Poppy that lives in Texas.)

So we got to the store, and for some reason, some people just rub S the wrong way, and today we met one of those people. S had been perfectly happy until one saleslady wanted to touch her and play with her. 

"She must be hungry, " she said when S started whimpering and covering her eyes.
"No, I don't think so. She's just shy sometimes."
"Huh. You don't get out much then do you?"
"We get out every single day. Every. Day."
I love when strangers assume things about my parenting.

Anyway...we still had to run to the post office and I wasn't sure how S would manage since she was going on twenty minutes of straight sobbing. It wasn't the angry-whiny cry. It was the "I'm really uncomfortable and sorta scared, mama" cry. I was able to distract her by having her point out letters that we saw. This girl is all about her letters lately and she is getting so good! Then she got sad again and I told her we would go home soon and see Dada. She then said, "Gaco?" I assured her that yes, we would see Pato, too. Finally, we got home and we told her she could help us get Pato from his room. She ran in yelling, "Gaco! Gaco!" She loves her brother so so much. 
We then hopped in our car, and took the ferry over to Surry to pick some pumpkins. It was suuuper windy and I actually thought one of my kids was going to get blown over. We all survived, and the only person who fell over was J, but that wasn't from the wind. He just falls a lot. I call him Mr.Bump.
As soon as we got out of the car, we just let these two run wild. They loved getting dirty and S definitely got pumpkin guts all over her boots. I think I also caught J poking at some guts, too.
And the moment C and I agreed these two had definitely become best friends:
I am lucky.


P.S. Pato had his first taste of ice cream today. It was a hit! (And that was the quietest I've seen S in a while. No time to talk. Just eat!)


brittney perry said...

This is such a sweet story - and your pictures, as always are totally beautiful.
And I wish I could remember my first taste of ice cream. what a glorious day.

Karim Jones said...

Thanks, Brittney. You're always so nice :) When I was younger I think my love of ice cream came second to my love of whipped cream. I'd dip my fingers in Cool Whip at least ten times a day. I know......Cool Whip. Ew.

Kallie said...

I love the pics of the two of them enjoying one another so much! But my favorite pic is of you, S, and Pato holding hands. You are the cutest mama! Also you are a great mom! Rude lady at the store has no idea what she is talking about! (:

Karim Jones said...

Thanks, Kallie :) It is fun seeing them love each other and even more fun being their mama.

Unknown said...

your sunglasses, gimme gimme. xo

Karim Jones said...

ALDO out of all places!!

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