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Monday, November 25, 2013

You know that moment when you can tell you're about to get a whole lotta whining? I was at the ready with my camera (she loves it when I take pictures of her mid-breakdown) and this girl was thisclose to causing a scene in the Barnes and Noble parking lot. She caught sight of a leaf (!) and quickly turned into my happy girl again. 


Tomorrow we are off to Texas! We've been talking about this trip for a long time now, and S always says, "Mammy? Popeye? Tetas?" I think her head will explode when she sees them tomorrow. I'm starting to get nervous about the plane ride, so please cross your fingers for us. Today, S told me she was scared of the sound of an about good timing. 


Casey said...

Your little toots is looking so big and tall!! I miss her. And i need that fur coat…for myself! Have an awesome time in TX. Wish we could meet you there.

Karim Jones said...

I know! So not a baby anymore!

And yes! Someday the stars will align and we will party in Texas :)

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