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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Last night (well every night, really) I had a very sweet conversation with my little girl. I wanted to be sure to write it down because there are days when bedtime couldn't come soon enough. I need to be reminded of all the really good stuff to make up for the fact that I walked around today in black leggings and a black turtleneck and yellow fuzz all over me that I really couldn't be bothered to take a lint brush to. 

Every night it's the same routine. We say a family prayer. Pato goes to bed. We then read books and sing songs with S. This is getting hard lately because she will interrupt and say, "No! Not Old McDonald!" Or, "No! No monkeys jumping on da bed." Occasionally, she'll throw in a, "No! Don't sing, mama!" And she waves her hand in my face to make sure her point was made. The teenage years are going to be interesting with this one. So, we've resorted to making up songs because she doesn't like them repeated too often. 

After the books and the singing, we kiss her stuffed animals (all dozen of them) and we give hugs and kisses. A typical night will look something like this...

S: Mama. Big kiss big hug? (We give each other a big hug and I get a spit-filled kiss from her) Oh, thanks mommy. Mama, tell me story? 

Me: (I make up a short story about a little girl having a play date and eating yummy things.) 

S: Oh, thanks mommy. 

Me: Okay, S. Time for bed. I love you.

S: But...but. Mommy don't leave me. I want talk to you. 

Me: (I'm butter. Melting butter. Because I know someday I'll be dragging information out of her.) Okay, baby. Let's talk. What do you want to talk about?

S: Ummm. Hmm. Mama best friends? 

Me: Yes, baby. We are best friends.

S: Mama pweez? Really really pweez pweez best friends?

Me: Really really best friends!

S: OH! Thanks, mommy! 

We then give one each other another big kiss and big hug. She says, "Goodnight, mama!" And as I shut her door, I can usually hear her whisper, "sweet dreams..." 


Erin said...

So sweet. Definitely best friends. I love that you are recording all those conversations with her. Little ones are so sweet and so opinionated all at the same time.

Gage said...

So sweet! It seems like the sweetest moments happen at bedtime around here, too. Maybe it's their way of making up for being crazy all day?

Erin said...

That is so sweet. Melts your heart and how loving children can be.

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