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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm posting a few pictures from Oxford because I worry if I don't get posting these it will never happen. Anyway...

Oxford. Where do I begin? I know I just finished gushing about Cambridge, and here I am going on about Oxford. C and I have asked each other so many times which one we like best: Cambridge or Oxford? And I'm still having a hard time deciding! It is so close! If you get the chance to see one, you should also really see the other.

I think if it came down to it, Oxford may win over Cambridge. Mayyyybe??? I don't know! Ask me tomorrow! Ask me in half an hour. It's always changing. 

We took a tour of the Divinity School and the Bodleian Library, which are part of Oxford University. The Divinity School was originally built in 1488, and doctoral candidates used to defend their theses in this room. I think that would both be really really neat, and really really terrifying. Mostly terrifying. 

Any Harry Potter fans out there? No? Just me? Okay. Well, then I totally recognized this room as the infirmary in movies. I could totally imagine Ron in here. 

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside Duke Humfrey's medieval library, but that, too, was so fun to do and I'm glad we did it. To think of all the amazing scholars and writers that had studied there. Now, I know C is the history pro in this family, but I truly loved learning the history of the all the places we visited. One interesting thing we saw in the library was that there is a special chair that sort of looks like a throne, that belongs to the head librarian. I don't remember how many librarians there have been through the years, but I'd imagine it would be pretty amazing to get to sit in that seat. Now I'm thinking I need a special chair, too. Preferably cushiony and with a cooke dispenser. (And, yeah, the library was also in the HP movies. That's important, too.)

Again, the architecture! I mean, come on! We spent a long time just staring up.

There's so much more I want to share! But, here's my start.

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