J: Nineteen Months

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I like nineteen months. Well, I mean, I like every month with my kids, letsbehonest. But, right around eighteen months, my kids start getting really fun. Maybe because I feel like their distinct personalities really start coming through and manifesting themselves or maybe it's because I can finally stick some lunch in front of them and I know they'll be quiet content.

Anyway. This boy is really something lately. He is entering what I would lovingly call "the whiny phase." (So much love.) He is 110% certain of what he wants, and he can't comprehend anyone disagreeing with him. Have I ever talked about my kids' obsession with the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular around here?* Well, he asks for "Santa" every single morning. I so wish from the deepest part of my heart that I wasn't exaggerating, but I promise I'm telling the truth. He is very persuasive, and often gets his way.

He eats like a man child. Gone are the days where he lets others feed him, and truth be told, I cringe every time I put yogurt in front of him. I've found that stuff in his nose the next day. Sigh.

He is picking up so many words, which gets me so excited! He STILL loves "Wheels on the Bus" and he'll often start singing it on his own. He knows "round and round" so basically, that's pretty much the whole song, right?

Pato can be so silly! Right around this age was when S would pretend to be asleep and start snoring. Now he's doing it, too. I'll find him and S sprawled on the ground snoring, and it cracks me up. He also likes to sit on my lap a lot and say, "Wake up! Wake up!"

Little man definitely has things that he prefers, and he won't hesitate to ask you to read the same books to him sixteen times in a row. Okay, that's an exaggeration. I  mean five times in a row.

One last thing I'll mention is that J is becoming such a mama's boy. He says "mama" in such a sweet way sometimes, and so many times a day he will randomly run up to me and just bury his head in my neck. He loves having me close by, and I can't say I mind it one bit.

*One fateful day back in early November, I came across a recording of RCMHCS on Netflix. I didn't think my kids would make it passed the first ten minutes. (Insert head-banging motions here.) During that time, S was going through a major Tchaikovsky kick, and I thought this might be up her alley. Holy freaking cow this went way past the alley and all the way to the top floor of the Empire State. I think we've seen it at the very least a hundred times since then. There have been days where we've watched it more than once, and my kids are just as excited about every single time! I mean, yes, the Rockettes are reallllly neat and super talented, but come on! On a positive note, my two have their favorite parts and it gets them dancing around the room in the most adorable way. And, it's about one gazillion times better than SpongeBob. So, ya know, that's good.

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