How a Crown Brought This Halloween Full Circle

Friday, October 31, 2014

I didn't plan on writing a post about Halloween. 

I mean, I don't really "plan" more than a few hours ahead most of the time on anything, and I certainly hardly ever "plan" on what I'll write on here. Has anyone noticed that I still have never posted about the kids' birthdays?? For shame! 

But, as I sit here watching some Halloween version of Curious George with S cuddled next to me, I realized that I actually really enjoy this holiday. Like most big holidays, it's all about the anticipation, no? 

I mean. For weeks now, every time we run into Target ("For just ONE thing,") S breaks into a very adorable but very loud rendition of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," every time she would spot one of those huge decorative spiders that hang from the ceiling. Pato is an expert spotter, so the two makea pretty great spider-spotting-singing team. I tell ya. I could never lose her in that place. I'd just have to listen for, ".....DOWN came the rain and WASHED the spider out!" 

Most people are pretty nice about it. We've gotten more than a few people looking around to see where the noise....I mean...gorgeous singing....came from. Hey, at least they weren't screaming, right? 

I should mention....they DO do their fair share of screaming-in-Targets like most other children. We are not immune. 

But, like I said, this post is about Halloween, not spiders. 

October always feels like "Halloween month," and I love that. I used to love dressing up as Mickey Mouse (NOT Minnie) because I had a huge crush on him. I said crush. Yes. Don't ask. 

One year, when I wasn't dressed up as Mickey, I was dressed up as some princess/fairy/angel...thing. Something thrown together and a hand-me-down. I remember being sad because even though I didn't really know WHAT exactly I was dressed up as, I knew I was lacking a crown. I probably pouted a bit, but nothing a bowl of Doritos Nacho Cheese chips couldn't fix. (I used to put. that. stuff. DOWN!) I remember seeing my mom doing something at the kitchen table, but I wasn't too interested to look. 

Well, some time later, she said she had a surprise for me. 

And I'll tell you what. There are few presents that stick out in my mind from my childhood, and this is one of them. Because even at that young age, I knew it came from her heart. 

Cardboard, tin foil, some tape, and a white shoelace from one of my sneakers. She had made the perfect crown. 

I was over the moon. It was PERFECT.

I was happy, and I could tell my mom was happy. 

What I didn't know then, but I do know now, is that her heart was positively bursting. 

I remembered this story as I was working on my own daughter's little crown yesterday. 

S has been really adamant about dressing up as herself this year, and nothing could change her mind. So, we decided to try and dress her up without her knowing. Genius right? 

As I sat and worked on making this flower crown, (my first time ever, by the don't look too closely!) I kinda-sorta started pouring my heart into it (and blood....darn wire) and I hoped she would just not hate it. 

She loved it! She really loved it! This little crown that make-a-whole-costume-out-of-toilet-paper-and-a -toothpick moms would surely laugh at. 

It didn't matter that it wasn't perfect. But it was good enough that she couldn't wait to show daddy. And when it hits "show daddy" status, you KNOW it's good. 

So, I guess this Halloween, I had my own full-circle-moment. And it was something I'll always remember. Because that's what being a parent is all about. Doing everything you can to make your baby happy...even for second. Wanting to make their dreams come true. Even if it means it's going to hurt a little. 

And lastly....


That crown from all those years still the most perfect crown. I know there was more to that crown than I could write on here. Thank you for making my childhood a happy place. 

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