An Open Letter to the Universe

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Woah. And just like that...snow!

In my last post, I put it out there. I asked the universe for some snow- and just a couple days later she delivered. Right on my doorstep! I'm going to need to start putting more things out there into the universe since I'm feeling pretty lucky at the moment.

Dear Universe. If you are reading are a few other things I would deem acceptable to be dropped on my doorstep.

A laundry and/or bathroom-cleaning fairy.

Mindy Kaling. (But, don't drop her too hard. She might not dedicate her next book to me otherwise.)

A plateful of chocolate chip cookies.

The British Super Nanny.

Heck, drop all of England on my doorstep. Wait, no. Our landlords probably wouldn't like their house being completely crushed. Make that a one-way ticket to London.

Face lotion. I'm almost all out. Help a sister out.

And that's pretty much it. All very reasonable and realistic things.

Oh, and a potty-trained Pato. You'll have to train him pretty quick because I really start missing that boy if I've been away from him for longer than an hour or two. Potty-training your two-year-old in an hour is totally a thing, right?



My latest post at What to Expect is up! I tell ya. Having a three-year-old has really humbled me. I used to think I was doing a pretty okay job in the parenting department...and then I realized that nope,  I actually kind of stink at it sometimes, and I'm just trying to keep myself afloat in a pool of other parents of other three-year-olds.

You can read the post HERE.

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