Can it just please snow?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Well, things have sure been quiet over here.

January is an interesting month for me. Starting in September, you start getting excited about the holidays. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas.

If there's one day that totally feels so un-festive, so UN-Christmas, it's the day after Christmas.

So, then there's January. It's cold and grey...which I actually love. And its my birthday month, which makes January a bit more fun. If only I enjoyed birthdays.

Don't ask. Maybe some other time I'll get into why I'm not too fond of my own birthday. I'm still figuring it out myself. It has nothing to do with getting older. More of the whole Too much pressure.

Anyway. I realized today that someday, I really hope we end up in a place that snows. This is the first year that we really haven't seen snow (except the sad and grey remains while up in Connecticut last weekend), and I tell ya. It's a real bummer. Like, kinda depressing. This winter just hasn't felt right without it. Doesn't help that S keeps asking if it's going to snow.

So, I'm going to publicly put it out there. Virginia, you'd really be doing be a solid if you let down some of the cold, white stuff. 

And all of you Virginians who are already begging for an early spring...don't beg so hard, okay?

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