Pine needles are the great deodorizer.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

This is what happens when you are out-of-town for the holidays: it still looks like Christmas at our house. Well, not too too much. Christmas is pretty much the only holiday I decorate for, and even then, there's not a lot of it. 

But, we do still have a tree! It's looking kinda sad at the moment with little needles all over the floor- but the kids love it just the same. Plus, it still smells so heavenly! If it were socially acceptable to walk around with small bags of pine needles under my armpits I so would! (Shhh...never mind the whole prickly part. Roll with it.) 

And the Christmas cards! A couple keep trickling in and I can't bring myself to take them down yet. The kids like to point out their favorites (hint: they're ALL their favorites!) We talk about all the people in them and stories about them. 

I'm thinking maybe we keep them up till Valentine's Day?? I never did resolve to finally start being timely this year, did I? 

1 comment:

Christina Rose //floresdelsol said...

my cards are staying up until valentines day. I just cant part with them. All friends and family smiling at me on the wall? how could you so fast!?

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