A little confession and our summer essentials.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

So I'm about to say something that's going to make a lot of people think I'm crazy.

I don't like summer. At all. 

And that's putting it mildly. The heat, the humidity, the lack of boots and layers! Come spring time, I always get a little bummed because I know summer is just around the corner. When I tell people this, I often get the, "This girl is crazy! I'm going to back away slowly" look. 

But, the kids have no idea of this, and insist that we spend as much time out and about as possible. And you know what? Their enthusiasm really has a way of rubbing off on me. And the fact that we're no longer in Virginia really helps! (Sorry, Virginia! You know I love ya! But your summers are brutal!) I actually turned to my husband the other day and said, "You know what? This may be my favorite summer ever!" 

The summer here in Utah has been absolutely gorgeous. It cools down at night, and today we felt an amazing breeze as we were playing outside. If all summers were like this than, boy, call me converted. 
I think another reason I'm not crazy about summer is that I miss my leggings and sweaters too much! Anyone with me? I have one or two jackets hanging in my closet in hopes that maybe I'll need it one day soon. Or maybe I stand in the closet, put my leather jacket on, close my eyes and pretend it's hot cider weather. No? No one does that? 

Seeing as how summer is inevitable, and there's no way we could spend our entire day inside just for the air conditioning, dressing my kids in things they can run and play in, while still keeping cool (and cute) is super important. And while I know it cuts way down on laundry, I can't just let Pato sit in his undies all day...though I'm sure he wishes I would! 

Is it normal that a three-year-old have such strong opinions about what they wear? S prefers dresses and rompers over anything. My guess is that it's because she hates to sit still, and would rather I get the dressing over with. So, most days, she slips on a dress and is ready to go. I love dresses that can be used for play but also to wear to nicer places, like to church on Sundays. Again, cutting on the laundry.

Rompers may also be so prevalent in her closet right now because I have a mild obsession with them at the moment. Why can't they all come in my size?! I love these especially because sometimes it's a little cooler in the mornings and evenings.  

As for little Pato? He doesn't care much what I put on him. He's more of a shoe guy anyway. His favorites are anything he can slip on "alllll myself" and "blue!" 

I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, next year my confession will be that I actually like summer? 

Eh.....that's to be seen :) But, at least these two sure make summer look cute! 

*** This post was a collaboration with H&M. H&M has always been one of our go-to stores for children's clothes, and we're excited for this chance to collaborate with them! They were the perfect place to have our summer essentials covered. 

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