We don't eat sand pies.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I overheard S having the following conversation earlier today...
Little Girl: Look! I made some sand pies! Do you want one?
S: Um. No, thank you. We don't eat sand pies.

I took the kids to the "beach" today because we were missing some of our favorite things we used to do back in Virginia. I say "beach" though really, it's a smallish area of sand on a man-made lake in our neighborhood. The kids didn't turn their noses up one bit at it, and they didn't even seem to mind that the sand was definitely not as soft as the sand we're used to. 

As for this guy? Well, I had to stop him from pelting the poor ducks with sand. 

(And yes, yes I know. Those sandal tan lines. Pato had those tan lines before the summer even started. As in...they were last year's tan lines. Oh, I hope he won't hate me when he's a too-cool teenager with Saltwater tan lines from his toddler days.) 

Later in the day, we were all cuddling on the couch, and Pato turned to me and said, "Mama, thanks for taking us to da beach. Dat was fun." Bless his heart. 

I really needed to hear that. With the couple of off days we just had, it felt so good to have a GOOD day. To not go to bed thinking, "I just need this day to be over." Aside from the drama of S experiencing her very first bee sting (hey, the good news is now we know she's not allergic!) I'd say this day was just what I needed to re-charge. 

Another good thing? I wore those two out so much, that come bedtime, they went down without a fight. That's what beaches are for, right? Wearing kids out? 

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