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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I know it's not just me who thinks this. But, almost everything is cuter when it's miniature. Mini bottles of ketchup. Those little maple syrup bottles that you just want to stuff in your coat and take home. Never to actually USE of course. Just to have in your pantry, and every once in a while, go look at it and remark on how adorable it is.

Well, okay. I know lots of stuff is way better not miniature. C came home recently from the store with the almost-perfect size set of Coke bottles for me. They're smaller than your regular bottles, and he knows better than to buy me a can of anything because I'll never finish it. It's almost a rule. If you put something in a can, I can almost guarantee that a quarter of it ends up going flat and then down the drain. I feel like a little part of him dies inside when he sees good soda go to waste like that.

Anyway. These bottles are small enough, because I am able to finish them off, but I'm still thirsty! And yeah yeah yeah, I'm drinking a fully caffeinated coke while pregnant. I remember with S, I was so particular about what I ate. No caffeine for me. This time around I'm like, "Coke shmoke. Just make sure it's not diet. I want my Coke AND my calories!"

And huh. Would you look at that? I just wrote almost an entire post about the size of a drink.

Dear future me,

I hope you've found an incredibly fulfilling life. I hope you're still down with talking about absolutely meaningless things. Like bottles of Coke. And I hope you found that box of really beautiful but way- too-nice-for-you-to-own Christmas ornaments you looked for for weeks.

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