How to not make a coronation day cape.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I just had to share this.

Reason #237 why I just "don't understand, Mama!"

She is running around the house (while I'm in the middle of making dinner) and had asked me to take her brother's blanket (which, sidetone, he calls it his "chep-ah"), and turn it into Elsa's cape for her. Specifically, a coronation day cape. (Where all my Frozen fed-up mamas attttt??) 

So, I tie it around her neck like a cape.

"UGH! Not like that, MOM! You can't tie it like a cape! It needs to just HANG!"

I figure out that she wants it to hang from the back of her shirt, but magically stay in place without tying it into place.

"Okay. I have it hanging from the back. But, just so you know, it's going to fall back out."

*Five seconds later.*

"It. Fell. Out!"

So, I find I way to hang in through the back of her shirt, and leave a small amount hanging so that it will stay in place. I feel pretty confident that I've done my job well.

"But, now that's not long enough. It needs to be long like this." (Makes a motion that shows me she wants it to trail behind her. Silly me. I thought that's exactly what I had just done.) I alter it a bit and then tell her if that doesn't work that she's on her own, kid, because I needed to get back to dinner.

"Thanks! Buttt.....this doesn't look like a coronation day cape. It looks like a regular day cape."

Then she looks at my face and I think she realizes this cape business is so over with me and skips away and starts casting frozen spells on her brother. 

Good move, little one. Good move.

**Black and white tights c/o June and January June and January. They're so warm and we love them. Dress c/o Marin + Morgan.

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