Feeling so dang pregnant.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Well. I know the drill. Riiiight around the thirty-week mark I start looking at this bulging belly and have the same thoughts.

"How can this belly get any bigger?"
"I'm so glad I only feel like a whale and am not actually one."
"I think I just felt a stretch mark form."
"Let's hurry up, kid."

But, as I look back at that thirty week mark, I always remind myself that, "Woah! We're almost there!"

This pregnancy has been pretty different than my other ones. I've joked with friends that this one has really humbled me.

With S, I was like, "Yeah! I got this! Thirty-nine weeks? Pshh. Oh, that's a baby in there? That explains it. I don't even feel pregnant. I'm hot stuff."

With P, I was like, "Yeah, I guess the occasional heartburn is a drag. How am I doing, you ask? Pretty good! I'm one of the lucky ones."

With this guy, I'm like, "I think someone just took a hammer to my crotch and is using my pelvis as a wishbone."

TMI? Guys, I'm sorry. But, I sincerely envy your painless crotches.

After taking my pain to Dr. Google, and discussing it with my doctor, I realized that I just have to suck it up. Yes, I've tried a belly band. Yes, I've tried putting my legs up. But, guess what? Sometimes laying down is actually worse. Also, I really wanted to ask the last doctor I met with her age. You know, just for kicks.

Annnnnnd, are you sick of my whining yet? I'm sorry for that, too. I do recognize my pregnancy is a breeze compared to others, and goodness knows this baby is so wanted and loved. But, sometimes, like when you're cooking up a human in your body for nine months, you're allowed to complain about pain. And see how many times you can say crotch in one post.

ps. I wasn't going for a certain "look" with the one-strap over the shoulder overalls. I just really couldn't button the other side up. Even my clothes are laughing at me.

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Robin Kay said...

"I think someone just took a hammer to my crotch and is using my pelvis as a wishbone." Hahaha! I couldn't help but laugh (so sorry for laughing at your pain). I was in the same boat during my pregnancy - I used to tell friends that Ramona was "knocking on the exit door" near the end, from the constant, painful blows to my crotch.

You're looking great, and are getting so, so close!

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