A Year of Oscar: Four Months!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What can I tell ya about this little lovebug that I haven't already mentioned like a trillion times? He's a chit-chatter, and we suspect he said "da da" already. I have it on video, and I was totally not expecting it. Now, I just find myself getting really super close to his face and saying "mama! mama! mama!" in a super annoying high-pitched voice. It'll stick one of these days, I'm sure of it!

He keeps trying to roll over but juuuuust hasn't been able to yet.

Really has the best smile and dimple to go with it. He smiles at everyone at church and gosh, I want to eat him. 

He's discovering how to use his hands. He thinks they're great to chew on, and is getting better and better at grabbing things. S is quickly learning that he's been perfecting his hair-pulling skills. And pooping skills...he's been practicing that one a lot lately.

Love this little drool monster. Can't imagine life without him. He is pure joy.

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