Perfect family pictures and a frog button.

Monday, July 11, 2016

How to get the perfect family picture:

Step one: Herd everyone closely together. It may take a minute. Or like five. Closer. Wait, not too closeDon't poke him, okay? Pato, can you please stop pulling my dress up? Sof, can you stop dancing for just two seconds?

Step two: Smile at the camera. You're not in pain. I'll give you a gummy bear! Fine, two! Pato, please let go of my dress. Sof, wait, why are you riding your bike? Come back.

Step three: Check out your shot. Umm...can you angle it down a bit more? Less sidewalk. But, don't cut off our feet. Guys, don't go anywhere. Don't touch my dress. Also, what were you looking at in the shot??

Step four: If necessary try again. Pato. Dress. Stop! Look, you'll get two gummy bears AND a chocolate. What? Since when do you not like chocolate??

Step five: Laugh and give up. Maybe some other time. Oh. Huh, we did get a good one after all! 

You guys, my camera is full of imperfectly perfect pictures that I can't bare to get rid of because they are so close to my heart. The in-betweens are my very favorite because they tell our real story, and you better believe any time I get a shot of us all looking at the camera it's actually a total fluke! 

In the middle of the whole picture taking process, Pato had us cracking up (and I think that's why we all happened to be smiling) because he just recently discovered he has buttons!! Yup, yesterday he informed us that he has buttons that control his feelings and actions. As of now, he has a happy button, a sad button, an angry button, a scared button, a jumping button, a silly button, an obedient button, and a frog button. Aren't those great? I told him we all could really use a frog button. I also asked him if he had a sleepy button. He looked at me very seriously and said, "No, Mommy. I do NOT have a sleepy button."

This kid. 

*Bowtie in "Rosewood" c/o Chico Rose. You can find them HERE.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

But wait, those suspenders! SO CUTE! Link to those please!! Your fam is so adorable and I relate to this on every. single. level!

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